ELLO Latchlock

ELLO Latchlock
ELLO Latchlock
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Introducing the ELLO latchlock from Euro-Locks. Bringing a fresh, contemporary design to the traditional latchlock, the ELLO can also be used as a handle or knob lock. Secured with a padlock, the ELLO is extremely versatile and can be used on lockers, cabinets, general enclosures and other many other applications. With an attractive design, the ELLO is available in a variety of colours.

For further information, download the brochure or contact us on +48 (32) 344-78-70, -82, -84

  • Free wheel turning system
  • Body and head made in ZAMAK
  • Various fixing hole sizes (see drawing below)
  • Suited for padlock loops from 3mm – 8mm
  • Standard movement: 01 (03 on request)
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ELOW32K0C632232824 ZaciskNikiel Wyślij zapytanie
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