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Product Order Code and Ordering

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Product Order Code

Find here the information on how to read the 8 digit Product Order Codes. If you are a returning customer, this guide will help you understand what the Product Order Code means.

Produce Order Codes are composed of two parts:

1st 4 Digits: Four digit Product ID

This part refers to the product that is being ordered, key series, head shape, housing length, head dimensions, housing fixing, whether the lock has options such as a shuttered barrel, etc. All this information can be found by locating the relevant Product ID in the technical information table on a product page.

5th Digit: Mastered = 5 or non-mastered = 0

6th Digit: Movement to unlock, e.g. 1 = 90° clockwise. See Standard Movements information page.

7th and 8th Digits: Finished available, e.g. 2A = Bright chrome. See the Standard Finishes information page.


Two robust nickel-plated keys are supplied as standard with each lock. The key number is stamped on each key. Extra keys can be supplied on request.

Single-entry keys can only be inserted into the lock one way up, while double-entry keys can be inserted either way up. 

Dust Covers

Many of our locks can be supplied with spring-loaded stainless steel dust covers.

Product Ordering Information

Please note that it is important to consider the following information to complete your order, our sales team will also take you through this when making an order:

  • Product finish.
  • Key movement (unless handle, knob, or cam movement is specified, see below).
  • If the lock is to Differ or to Pass.
  • If the Differ Number should be marked on the cap.
  • If the lock should be mastered.

For Knobs:

  • Handle or Knob movement.
  • Spindle details.

For Cams:

  • Cam movement.
  • Cam Reference Number (see Cam Information) or cam dimensions required.
  • Cam position when locked, indicating where appropriate Direction of Crank, Notch Position, dimensions ‘B’ and ‘X’.

For Snap-In Fixed Products:

  • Panel thickness.